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Technical drawing

  • Interior Cup

    Prime single wall cup

  • Interior Ripple Frame

    Corrugated at optimal angle for heat retention

  • Surface Heat Barrier

    Provides excellent grip and secure hold at a comfortable temperature

Triple Insulation!

Triple Wall!

This effective construction has created an amazing cup. Unrivalled in its performance when tested against the competition.

About Us

Can you consider a paper cup maker to be an innovator? We think so. We think as much about the function and performance of our cups, as about the colours and designs we use to enhance our cups’ visual appeal. And so, we are always looking for better ways to make our cups, to improve performance in every aspect.

Everyone looks for a cup that is easy to hold, is not too hot in your hand and most importantly, keeps your hot drink hot for the time you are drinking it. Most cups achieve these goals to some degree but finding a cup that excels at them all?

Having tested this cup against many other cups, we can conclude, proudly, that The Sleeve Cup really is unequalled. We have created the ultimate hot drink cup that outperforms all the other cups on the market! Amazing!

“The Sleeve Cup really will keep your drink hotter for longer and
your users are guaranteed a superior hot drink experience”

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